Aardwolf MUSHclient Package Installer

Extensive documentation for the Aardwolf MUSHclient Package is available at https://github.com/fiendish/aardwolfclientpackage/wiki and assistance is provided in-game on the tech channel.

Important installer details:

  1. This page has download links for two variants of the Aardwolf MUSHclient Package installer.
    The only difference between them is that, if a world file is not already present, the one called the "non-visual base" installer initially loads a different default set of plugins in the default Aardwolf world file, eschewing graphical plugins that are incompatible with text to speech interaction. It still loads the mapper plugin, just with the visual map display hidden.
  2. These installers do not overwrite your existing Aardwolf.db mapper database file, Aardwolf.mcl world file, or plugin state files, so you no longer need to do any of the old manual file edits, imports, or copies to complete an upgrade. You can just install over the same location as your previous Aardwolf MUSHclient install and that's it. If you're concerned about accidents, you can always make a backup copy of your whole MUSHclient folder first.
  3. For information about scary warnings from your computer relating to unsigned executables or potential viruses, please read Trust FAQ.
Quit MUSHclient before running any update installer.

Download the r2282 non-visual base for screen readers   or   Download r2282 with full visuals

Need zip archives instead?

Upgrading with a zipped copy of the new MUSHclient directory is more complicated than with one of the installers above, but if for some reason you require it, read Unzip Upgrading.