Snooky's Pub (G)
If you can't find a party here, then you just didn't bring one;
some of my best memories involve drinking from a paper bag.

- Fiendish, Tue Mar 5 19:41:50 2013.
You find yourself in a dank room. It appears to have once been an actual pub, but has long since been abandoned. The only drinking that goes on in this place is from a paper bag. Ever since the arena was built, business has been sour for old Snooky. He was sure that business would actually pick up, but it seems that people interested in blood and gore have no use for alcohol. So now it's Snooky that's picked up. Snooky's pub is abandoned and filled with litter. [ Exits: (east) south ] (C) A tough looking bodyguard stands here looking for a fight. Snooky The Master of the Pub is here. Ol' Dirty Fiendish is here. A very disreputable looking drunk man lounges around the old pub. [ ]